Dr. Noreen Morris is chief of staff at her new state of the art Doll Hospital located in Deltona, FL.  She has over 30 years experience in the repair and restoration of antique bisque head dolls right on up through modern dolls of today. She is often referred to as the Plastic Surgeon..but operates on vinyl, composition, hard plastic and bisque dolls too!  Services include cleaning, re-stringing, re-wigging, joint and limb replacement, eye setting, painting, hair styling and more. Wigs and clothing can also be included to complete that cherished doll. Please call for an estimate at (845) 309-0288 and ask for Dr. Noreen. The doctor can also be reached via email at
Please email with pictures before sending in the doll so we can offer an accurate estimate along with the admissions form that must be sent in with the patient. We advise you carefully wrap and insure your doll when sending in for repairs.

Dr. Noreen
The Doll Hospital
820 S. Atmore Circle
Deltona,FL. 32725
(845) 309-0288


Doll arrives in O.R.
Doll after her surgery